Wooden Belt Hanger for Closet with 8 Hooks

Color:  Wood Color
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The Wooden Belt Hanger for Closet with 8 Hooks is a practical and stylish accessory designed to keep your belts organized and easily accessible. Made from high-quality wood, this hanger offers durability and a classic aesthetic that complements any closet decor.



Wooden Hanger: Made from wood with a smooth varnished finish, this Belt Hanger has a quality feel and finish.

Neatly Stored: Wooden Belt Hanger is designed to hold belts, bras and ties firmly in place so they do not get tangled or fall to the floor of your closet.

Space Saving: 28 cm long, and slim profile design, this is an excellent space saving belt organizer for closet organization.

Quick Access: This Wooden Belt Hanger for Closet with 8 Hooks displays all your belts and accessories, so choosing the right belt for your outfit is quicker and easier than ever - no more rummaging through drawers!

With 8 Hooks: With 8 hooks, youll have plenty of room to hang all of your belts. Your stuff will stay nice, neat, and off of the floor.


Material: Lotus Wood

Color: Wood Color,Dark Wood Color

Size: Length 28cm * Height 17cm * Thickness 1.2cm