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Protect kids from glaring sunlight& UV Rays, keep your kids cool and comfortable!

Car window shade will effectively block all the UV rayseliminates sun glarereduces heatprevents your children from getting burned and reduces the temperature of your car, and makes your car cooler and can protect your kids, pets, and your loved ones from the direct exposure of the sun. EcoNour side magnetic sunshade slips onto the window with ease! It completely blocks any sun rays from entering! No more hiding from the sun inside your car!



  • Sunlight protection - Need solar visor for side window? Opaque Polyester Fabric sunshades completely blocks the sunlight. It keeps cool back seat of your vehicle or car seat for for your babies while traveling. It will become your sunlight protector especially for people who have light sensitivity. Warning! This Car Sunshade is complete opaque. It can block the view of window when you attached.
  • Easy to store - Want to enjoy outside view? You can simply slide to open the shade curtains to left or right side. You can tie the sunshade curtains with the built in strap when it does not need. Also, you can roll down the side window without taking off the curtain to get some fresh air (Make sure detach suction cups before roll down the window). Keep it in your car as your favorite car accessories or travel accessories.


– Greatly reduce heat against hot sun.
– Reduce sun glare and harmful UV Ray.
– Increase in-car privacy.
– Block mosquito’s and other harmful insects from entering to the car when passenger’s window wind down (Perfect for baby and toddler!)


  • Size: 26×18in 
  • Material: Plastic
  • Closure Type: magnet