Baby Drinking Cup With Whale Squirt

Color:  GREEN



  • Cute Whale Squirt Design - With its turbocharged negative pressure, this baby drinking cup has a valve that utilizes air pressure to suck in water and squirt it out, allowing babies to fall in love with drinking water in a fun and entertaining way.

  • Safe and High-Quality Materials - The cup body is made of imported Tritan material, and the straw is made of imported silicone rubber, ensuring the product is safe and of high quality.

  • Built-in Food-Grade Sealing Ring - The cup is equipped with a food-grade sealing ring that prevents leaks even when the cup is inverted or shaken.

  • Easy to Clean - The hard straw cannot be sterilized at high temperatures but can be easily cleaned with a cleaning agent. The silicone accessories (silicone straw, sealing ring, small whale, and backflow valve) can be sterilized at high temperatures. Other components (bubble ball, cup body) can be cleaned with warm water and dried.

  • Handle Design - The handle design helps babies to drink independently and improves their coordination.


  • Weight: 500g

  • Size: 11.6*17cm

  • Material: Tritan + Silicone Rubber

  • Package Size: 13*13*18cm


  • 1* Baby Drinking Cup with Whale Squirt