🔥Sock threader-Tools to help put on socks

Quantity:  1 PCS



  • 【Material】The unique three finger design allows for easy fixation of socks. The sock assist device is covered with a towel cloth on the outside, which can gently and firmly grasp the sock, allowing you to easily pull it up, reducing friction, and not tearing the fabric.

  • 【Easy To Wear】 This sock is easy to put on and off, helping you put it on without bending, twisting, or turning.

  • 【Suitable For Socks】 This sock assist device is suitable for the elderly, in addition to compression socks, whether you are formal socks, casual socks, sports socks, etc.

  • 【Suitable For The Crowd】 This sock assistant allows you to easily put on and take off socks, helping you r