Sun knit Cardigan Women's thin ice silk Coat shawl air-conditioned shirt with slip skirt

Color:  white


 Sun Protection Fashion.
Summer trip
Refuse to tan 

Enjoy the summer sun

Knitted sunscreen fabrics apply fashion cutting process
widen and increase the sunscreen area, whether it is riding , shopping, traveling are suitable to wear, anytime
and anywhere UV protection

Just apply it before going outside

tit feels smooth and comfortably cool.
It's a wearable sunscreen

Strong sun protection, reduce the burden of equipment travel
sun protection at will
1 piece of sun-protective clothing =
thin coat + sunscreen sleeve + sunscreen.

Strong ultraviolet rays can burn the skin easily

Professional ice silk fabric ensures skin-friendly breathability
keeping the skin fresh, comfortable and facilitating
body circulation without being sticky or stuffy.

Cool at a touch, comfortable to touch, excellent water absorption
dry and comfortable even if you sweat!