2023 New Bed Sheet Grippers Sheet Fasteners Clips

Color:  PINK
Qty:  10 PCS


Easily keeps the sheet and mattress snug and stays in place all night no matter how you tumble!

Pink/blue colors are lovely and adorable. The “LOVE” words are designed to show your attitude to a colorful life.

The flexible and adjustable buckle design allows it to be firmly fixed and can be easily adjusted according to your needs.

Needle-free, invisible, and traceless, does not damage the quilt and is more user-friendly. The surface is finely polished and smooth, so it can be used with confidence even in a crib.

The adjustable buckle makes it easy to cope with different thicknesses of sheets.

High-quality ABS material, environmentally friendly and odorless, anti-fall and pressure-resistant, and long service life.

Easy to Install: Straighten the sheets and grip the raised edges of the mattress. The clip is f fixed around easily, and the bedspread will not move when stuck.

It's not only a bed sheet gripper but also can be used as a sealing clip, windproof clip, and organizing storage clip, which can be widely used in bedrooms, kitchens, balconies, and study rooms.


Material: ABS

Color: Pink, Blue

Size: 35*17*17mm

Weight: 3.3g

Package Includes: 10/20/30/50 * Bed Sheet Grippers