Typared Self Adhesive Window Gap Sealing Strip

Color:  White
Length:  5Meters


Do you have these problems in your home?

 Do you have these problems?

Poor soundproofing
Pests crawling around the house
Dust in the house
Air conditioning blows through the door

Make it work for you Solve these problems

Easy and simple to install
Aesthetically pleasing and soundproof
Wind and dust proof

New materials Sound insulation and noise reduction

Exterior nylon fabric skin, interior PU foam

Suitable for all kinds of sliding doors/windows/wardrobes

Can you fill any gaps?

Seal can be freely installed for gaps from 0-20mm


The product has must be folded to transport the package, so creases will inevitably occur, but this is not a defect of our product and does not affect the normal use of the product. If you mind, please do not buy it. Thank you for your understanding.