Welding Protective Mask

Style:  Classic


Provides a high degree of protection for your eyes during welding✅Automatically adjust brightness✅Anti-glare ✅Anti-ultraviolet

Auto-Darken Design- Auto-darkening Welding Goggles are made of PC material, which is strong, shockproof and unbreakable. They automatically darken to the appropriate level when they sense extreme light when an arc is struck, and it returns to the light state when welding stops. It also features anti-ultraviolet, infrared radiation, anti-glare.

Multi Use- In terms of shading, these goggles feature #3 shading, but when they darken, they can darken to between level #3 and #11. This means that the T TOVIA Auto Darkening Welding Helmet are ideal for all sorts of welding applications including gas welding, plasma, MIG, TIG, and more. They provide a high degree of protection.

Humanized Design- The Welding Goggles are powered by solar energy. This is convenient because you never have to replace batteries. Large window design, wider field of view. Automatic variable light lenses are lightweight and convenient, with superior impact resistance, the use of more secure and assured.

Our Advantages- Simply put, lighter mask are more comfortable to wear and will cause less strain on the neck. The other important feature is ventilation. With good ventilation, welding goggles will not fog up and will be cooler. Welding goggles without ventilation run the risk of fogging up due to body heat and moisture.



Package Included:

Welding Protective Mask * 1