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FurFect Plays™ Portable Playpen

Convenience: Portable pet playpens are designed to be lightweight, foldable, and easy to transport. They are ideal for outdoor activities like camping, picnics, or beach trips, where you want to provide a safe and controlled space for your pet to play.

Safety and Security: Playpens provide a secure and confined area for your pet, ensuring their safety while giving them some freedom to move around.

Containment and Control: Playpens are effective for containing pets in designated areas within your home or yard. It helps prevent them from accessing certain areas or potentially damaging furniture, plants, or other items.

Outdoor Enjoyment: If you have a small pet like a rabbit, guinea pig, or small dog, a portable playpen can allow them to enjoy some fresh air and sunlight while keeping them contained and protected from predators.


Behavioral Management: Playpens can aid in managing your pet's behavior. If you need some time alone or want to prevent your pet from jumping on guests or getting overexcited, a playpen can create a calm and controlled environment.



   FurFect Plays™ Portable Playpen


Choose a suitable location: Select a safe and comfortable location for setting up the playpen. Indoors, you might choose a spacious area where your pet can move around freely. Outdoors, ensure the playpen is placed on a level surface away from potential hazards.

Unfold and assemble: Take the playpen out of its storage bag or case and unfold it. Most playpens have a pop-up or collapsible design, making assembly quick and easy.

Secure the playpen: Once the playpen is assembled, make sure it is securely in place. If you're using it indoors, ensure the playpen is stable and won't easily tip over.

Add bedding or toys: Place comfortable bedding or blankets inside the playpen to create a cozy space for your pet. You can also add some toys or chew items to keep them entertained while they are inside.

Take down and store: When you're done using the playpen, carefully dismantle it following the manufacturer's instructions. Clean the playpen if necessary and store it in its original carrying bag or case for future use.



WHY IS THEFurFect Plays™  Portable Playpen AUSTRALIA'S BEST SELLING Portable Pet Playpen

At the FurFect Plays™ headquarters we have created a high quality portable playpen that last and withstands the wear and tear of regular use. Affordable and easy to set up to save your time and energy. This is a genuine first in the pet industry and is the reason why we have so many pet owners and groomers using our portable playpen.

By buying through us you are also supporting an Australian owned and operated business meaning when you place your order, you can rely on it being quality and delivered on time, as well as supporting an Australian family.



TheFurFect Plays™  Portable Playpen is tested and recommended by Australian Veterinarians to be used on our Fur friends. Vets recommend to use ourFurFect Plays™  Portable Playpen for outdoor and indoor. It gives  them a designated space to rest, play, and feel at ease while preventing them from wandering off or getting into trouble. When you take your pet to the veterinarian or attend pet-related events, a portable pet playpen can provide a familiar and secure space for your pet. It can help reduce anxiety and keep them calm in potentially stressful environments.