Huge Catnip Balls | Let your cat love it

Option:  3cm Catnip Balls * 3


Treat Your Feline Friend to Endless Joy with Huge Catnip Balls

Delight your furry companion with our Huge Catnip Balls,

measuring an impressive 10 cm in diameter.

These irresistible toys are packed with premium catnip

to provide hours of entertainment and playtime for your beloved cat.

Watch as they go wild with excitement!

Catnip Benefits

  • Playful Exercise: Catnip stimulates play and encourages exercise.
  • Mental Stimulation: Catnip's scent engages cats' senses and prevents boredom.
  • Stress Relief: Catnip helps reduce anxiety and promotes relaxation.
  • Healthy Scratching: Catnip-infused toys redirect scratching behavior to appropriate surfaces.
  • Bonding: Using catnip during playtime strengthens the bond between cats and owners.

Why Cats Love it

- Enormous Size, Enormous Fun: Our Huge Catnip Balls are generously sized at 10 cm in diameter, making them perfect for cats to pounce, chase, and bat around. The large size adds an extra level of excitement to playtime, keeping your feline friend engaged and entertained.

- Premium Catnip Infusion: We've filled each ball with high-quality catnip that will drive your cat crazy! The potent aroma of catnip stimulates their natural instincts and encourages playful behavior. Prepare for lots of rolling, flipping, and pure feline bliss!

- Active and Healthy Lifestyle: Encourage your cat to exercise and stay active with our Huge Catnip Balls. The interactive playtime not only provides physical stimulation but also helps relieve stress and boredom, promoting a happier and healthier lifestyle for your furry friend.

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  • Diameter: 10 cm, 5 cm, 3 cm
  • Catnip Type: Premium quality catnip
  • Features: Irresistible scent, encourages play and exercise
  • Usage: Interactive play, tossing, batting, and rolling
  • Safety: Safe for cats to chew on, promotes dental health
  • Package Includes:10cm Catnip Ball * 1 pc, Or 5cm Catnip Balls * 2pcs, Or 3cm Catnip Balls * 3pcs.


  • Catnip effects may vary. Use in moderation and consult a vet if needed.