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🚗How to Play

Tournament: Randomly flip the cards, stack the oil drums according to the cards, transport the oil drums to the designated location, put down the oil drums, whoever is faster wins.

Challenge: everyone together to challenge the stacking record, quickly call on your family and friends to compare who can stack the oil drums to the sky!


The exciting new game that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours!

 Forklift Game is a fast-paced,mentality competition game that challenges players to stack colored oil barrels on the base in a race against the clock. With easy-to-learn rules and endless possibilities.



Away from smart devices, kids, parents and friends can focus on stacking toys.  Every kid or adults love to stack puzzles or use lovely little blocks as an open-ended toy. Promote communication and improve social skills


Playing with this flying launcher toy will improve your relationship with your children as you spend time together. Your kids' hands-on skills, reaction skills, and other abilities will also be improved.


 It makes people nervous and inspiring, and they break through themselves in one victory after another.


High-quality ABS material was utilized in the creation of this toy in order to give kids a pleasurable playing experience while also enhancing its durability and sturdiness. Small children can play more comfortably thanks to the edge's smoothness. 


Material: ABS Plastic

Weight: 500g

Suitable: 3+ years old