Multifunctional household coat hanger connector hooks

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No need to worry about finding clothes in a crowded wardrobe with difficulty!

Main Features
➥Save space:
Hang two or more garments in the space of one. Designed with a slot at the top and a hook at the base, it allows you to easily connect two or more hangers. It can also be used as a belt or hanger hook for baby clothes. The unique design allows hangers to cascade through your wardrobe or storage, saving space, allowing you to store more in small or large spaces.

    ➥High quality:
    Made of high-quality, premium ABS plastic with smooth edges, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odour-free, rounded corners are not easy to scratch. The hanger connectors can stably hold even the heaviest garments in your wardrobe, up to 5 kg.

      ➥Stable and strong:
      These are simple and stable connectors, very easy to use and strong to hold heavy and bulky clothes. It can be extended under the same hanger, not easy to warp, good balance.
      ➥Very suitable for accessories:
      With this set of hanging hooks, you can hang trousers, blouses, shirts and skirts together on a "hanging chain", saving you a lot of space in your wardrobe. At the same time, it can be used to hang small accessories such as bags, belts, necklaces, etc.

        ➥Great gift:
        Perfect for students, dorm wardrobes, small wardrobes, new homeowners, friends, family and neighbours. It's affordable, simple to use and only requires your own hangers.

        Usage scenarios
        Ideal for regular velvet hangers, shirt hangers, children's hangers, baby hangers, some clear plastic skirt hangers, etc., make your outfits tidy, add an extra level of storage to your wardrobe.


        • PP
        • Suspension hooks:6CM × 3CM × 2CM
        Package contents
        • 4PCS: Hanger connector hooks × 4
          8PCS: Hanger with connector hooks × 8
          16PCS: Hanger with connector hooks × 16

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