?HOT SALE - Portable Hole Punch Tool

Specification?Buy 2 Free Shipping:  Round Punch Pliers + Countersinking Drill Bit (0.11*0.31in)


Edge banding pliers can punch holes with an aperture of 8mm(0.3in). Material Edge banding / card / hard film / thin PVC / paper. The punching punch is hardened and very durable. This puncher can punch 20 pages of A4 paper. Single-hole paper punches quite easily went through several sheets of paper without straining.

Paper Punch Card Puncher Long Reach Hole Punch Small Single Hole Punch For Paper

Heavy Duty Hole Puncher Precautions

Holes can be punched in the correct position, no film or metal sheet can be punched

Standard hole and groove, 8mm diameter, the wafer is intact and not deformed


  • This screw covers hole punch perfectly solves the screw holes that affect the beauty. Easily and effortlessly create screw hole covers with 8mm aperture to beautify the walls,doors, sofas, cabinets and other furniture in your home
  • The screw holes in the furniture spoil the beauty of our furniture. it can easily perforate the screw hole cover. stick it on any position of your furniture, and easily integrate with your furniture
  • Located accurately,easy to use with light pressure. Metal hole punch comfortably and easily slices through edge banding material with 50% less effort
  • lt is suitable for woodworking installation, furniture making edge banding materials. cards. PVC cards, plastics. belts paper.craft item labels. for functional and decorative purposes