360 Degree Rotation Cell Phone Holder - Numeline™

Color:  Black


Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Our Rotating Retractable Phone Holder is mounted on and aligns with the car's rearview mirror, so you can keep both eyes on the road. You don't have to look down at the navigation, so you enjoy a safer, more comfortable drive.

One-handed use

You can pick up or place your phone with just one hand. The 4-claw design of this Phone Holder holds your phone firmly in place, and won't budge, no matter what road conditions you're driving through. It is suitable for all cell phones and can be attached to the rearview mirror of all car models.

Easy to use and versatile

You can use this Cell Phone Holder to keep track of your navigation while staying focused on the road, but also allow your co-driver to watch videos, make video calls, record videos of the road and much more. The 360° rotating design lets you adjust the angle as you wish. The length of the arm is retractable (0 to 5 cm), so it's up to you to choose the position that suits you best.


Arm length : 0 to 5 cm
Angle of rotation : 360
Material : ABS + Nano PU Glue
Color : Black
Weight : 225 g