Punch-free Toilet Paper Holder Box

Color:  Grey



1. Wall-mounted storage double-layer tissue box, the top layer is non-slip for mobile phones, glasses, watches, jewelry and small items, the middle layer is private space, privacy items, sanitary napkins, etc.

2. Adapt to the humid environment, the paper towel will not get wet when it rains, the installation method is free of punching, the bearing capacity is strong, and the adhesive is strong

3. Nordic minimalist style, fashionable texture, more tasteful home environment

4. Both the roll paper and the paper can be stored. It is smooth when taking the paper towels. The front cover is opened and placed. 

5.The usage amount of the paper towels can be observed, and the paper towels can be replenished in time.


Name: Toilet Multifunctional Tissue Box

Material: Plastic

Size: 18*12.5*22.5cm

Color: White,Green


Package Includes: 

1 * Tissue Storage Box