Anti-slip Wear-resistant Fishing Gloves

Style:  Standard Black
Type:  Left


You don’t like touching slimy fish? Often can't grasp these slippery fish? Or is it often scratched by fish? 

** Maybe you need such a pair of gloves! PE surface latex coating, waterproof and puncture-proof, using PE wire, toughness, magnetic hook design, can be worn with you, easy to take off. 

** Built with a true next-to-skin feel, you won’t want to take these gloves off. Not only will you be protected, but you will be incredibly comfortable as well. Any fishermen will appreciate these dependable gloves.

I used to get stabbed a lot when fishing, especially when fishing at sea. There are many saltwater fish that you will have venomous stings and pain after being stabbed. But if you wear this fish-catching glove, it will not hurt your hand, which is very practical. Moreover, it is very magnetic and will not fall off easily.

- Maud Garcia


* Anti-slip Latex And Wear Resistant
* Soft And Elastic
* Waterproof And Durable
* Strong Magnetic Buckle
* Air Permeability And Quick Drying


?【Durable Material】

This fishing glove is made of high-density latex plus a protective coating. Waterproof, puncture-resistant, and easy to clean, protects your hands from cuts.

?【Save Your Money】

This pair of gloves can help you grip slippery fish, clean fillet, slice fish and etc, without spending dozens of dollars to buy other expensive gloves.

?【Designed For Anglers】

The best gift for anglers and people who hate to touch fish. Such as bass, perch, walleye, pike, muskie, trout, etc.

?【Humanized Design】

Ergonomic glove opening design helps the glove better fit you. Seamless palm design, anti-fishbone, and fish-scale piercing.



Durable water repellent treated outer shell, moisture-wicking lining, and Fan-Tex membrane work together to keep water out while allowing sweat vapor to escape, ensuring dry experience at all conditions. Having a built-in waterproof insert, you will stay cool and dry thanks to the advanced construction.


Woven for PE line, the high-quality PE line, good toughness and wear resistance, prevent shark fin fish scales prick the hand, take care of your hands. You can use sharp objects carelessly because our gloves are puncture-proof!


Made of: 60% polyethylene (PE), 30% nylon, 10% spandex, and latex paint, these gloves present exquisite technology. Every detail is perfect, bringing you practical and high-quality gloves. The non-slip handle increases their holding power.


Equipped with magnetic force, our fishing gloves are convenient to carry and easy to access. Hang the magnet on your waistband and your fishing gloves are ready to use. The magnet can bear up to 3kg.


Designed to fit well on most men’s large to extra-large (L-XL) hands for a natural and comfortable feel. These are the best fishing gloves, but you can also use them in the mining industry, agriculture, fishery, machinery industry, ecological animal husbandry, sports, and outdoors.


● Material: 60% polyethylene (PE), 30% nylon, 10% spandex and latex paint
● Color: Black / Gray
● Size: fits all L-XL
● Weight (1 pc): 37g / 47g
● Size: 19 cm * 13 cm / 7.5 * 5 inch

● Package: Fishing Gloves * 1 / 1 Pairs


- You can use soap and water to clean.
- The new enhanced cut-resistant gloves have superior cut-resistant performance!