Cat Lovely Cozy Pillow

Color:  white


This is a perfect Christmas gift for all cats??!


  • ?Better Sleep for Cats

Your cat has been fighting with you for your pillow? Now, your fur pal will have their own pillows. Let’s have sweet dreams together!

  • ?Protect Pet's Cervical Spine

Cats can sleep 20 hours a day, a comfy and good-looking pillow is the guarantee of sleep. This U Shape Pillow not only has a good-looking face but also protects your pet's cervical spine. This will be your best choice for your kitten!

  • ?Preferred Material

Soft skin care flannel, pearl cotton filling, comfortable and good to health. Lock the temperature!  Let your cats say goodbye to the cold.

  • ?Easy to Care

Our pet pillows are easy to clean and it is best to dry them after washing. The washing is firm, faster and more convenient.



  • Material: plush
  • Color: white, blue, yellow
  • Weight: 80g
  • Size: 11*30*8.5cm