Aluminium LED torch, durable, waterproof, quickly rechargeable for emergencies

Model Number✈️Free Shipping📦:  G400Y(Long version)


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🔦 Are you looking for a powerful light? This model with a bright lens and aluminium alloy is easy to use. Equipped with white laser lamps, it is robust and reliable.

🔦 Product parameters

Product name: Zoomable white light laser torch
Material: Aluminium alloy
Light source: White light laser torch
Battery specifications: External 4181350 lithium batteries (G400Y) / External 418650 lithium batteries (G401Y)

🔦 Light modes

Double switch: on/off switch + high power mode
Press once for on/off switch: low light - medium light - high light - SOS
Long press for on/off switch: Stepless brightness control
Press once for high power mode: Turbo start - Turbo stop
Double press for high power mode: Flash

🔦 Product accessories

Aluminium alloy torch + Type-C charging cable + 4181350 lithium batteries (G400Y) / 418650 lithium batteries (G401Y) + White cardboard packaging

🔦 Product disassembly drawing for a clear overview

1.Bright white laser light source 2.Highly transparent Fresnel lens 3.Fluorescent reflector dish
4.Aluminium alloy lotus attack head 5.Efficient cooling fin design 6.Absorbing and concentrating fluorescent strip
7.Extendable zoom lever 8.Dual function switch 9.Battery indicator
10.Standard side nut connection 11.External battery cylinder shaft 12.End cap
13.External 4-piece lithium battery  

✅️ The light-absorbing fluorescent strip lights up for up to 5 minutes: This makes it easy to find the body of the torch at night.

✅️ Lighthouse-like, highly transparent Fresnel lens: the "black tech" lens used by aeroplanes and lighthouses

✅️ High-power LED white light laser: The new generation of bright white laser light sources with a circular light spot.

✅️ Adjustable zoom for suitable near and far conditions: The new generation of white laser light that produces a circular light spot both near and far.

✅️ Extremely large capacity lithium-ion battery for long-lasting high-intensity lighting: 4*18650/181350 specifications Lithium-ion battery.

✅️ Two universal charging and discharging interfaces for convenient use: The perfect combination of Type-C fast charging and USB-A reverse charging

✅️ Type-C fast charging interface for high compatibility: Type-C fast charging, universal interface for convenient use.

✅️ Reverse charging interface - USB-A for emergency charging: USB-A interface can be reversed for emergency power supply of mobile devices.

✅️ Waterproof design, resistant to everyday rain: Not recommended for underwater use.

✅️ Packaging accessories show what you are getting.

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